My story

About me

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t playing with either textiles or yarn ­– having been taught sewing and knitting by my grandmother and dressmaking by my mother.

Having put these skills to practical use for many years I then turned to using textiles in a more creative way. I first completed City and Guilds courses in textile and design and  then went on to do courses in art quilting and machine embroidery. With lots of techniques to choose from and a wealth of fabrics collected over the years I have now focused my attention to textile collage.

What I do

I create pictures of the landscape, trees and their habitat, rocks and pebbles. I want to capture the textures and variety of colours seen in a single tree or a forest, the mood of the environment be it stormy, cold or seasonal. I want my pictures to tell a story – maybe for each person that story will be different

This is a creative journey which is ever changing and I work from a variety of design sources, photos, sketches, memory and my imagination.

How I do it

My pictures are built up with layers of fabric using raw edge applique, net and free machine stitching. I am always looking at ways to develop my work – sometimes this is the result of happy accidents! I have developed techniques for making textured tree bark, the canopy of leaves and vegetation. I have a large stash of fabrics to choose from and favour batik and my own hand dyed cotton with the occasional use of silk. The final stitching emphasises the detail and enriches the texture. Most of my pictures take between 30 and 40 hours to complete, usually over a period of about three weeks.

I am delighted to say that my artwork is now hanging in many homes around the UK and has been shipped to homes in both Australia and Canada.