Jenny Fulton

Textile Artist

Well! who would have thought…

. . . that after all these years of working and playing with textiles I would have my own website!

Welcome  . . . . . do join me as I start another phase of this creative journey.

Getting this far has been challenging, thrilling and enjoyable in equal measure and I am excited about developing my artwork even further.

These are exciting times . . .  Follow me on my journey.

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“There is something precious about a collection of trees gathered together in a wood” – Robert Penn for the National Trust.

For me trees have always held a fascination and give me a wealth of inspiration for my art. Through the seasons they change dramatically, the trunks, branches and foliage having so much colour and texture. They survive in such inhospitable places, twisted and weather beaten but are also happy co-existing with other trees in woods and forests.

The inspiration for me is endless  . . . . .


The initial inspiration for fabric pebbles came from the rivers of the Canadian Rockies – beautiful pebbles worn smooth by centuries, if not millennia, of melt-water from snow and glaciers. But nearer to home the shingle beaches of sea-worn pebbles on the Suffolk coast, where picking up a pebble and rolling it round in ones hands is a must.

Why do people love pebbles?